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    Grounding Child or Pet Bed Mat for Better Sleep 26x35in


    Redemption Shield® Grounding Child or Pet Bed Mat for Better Sleep 26x35in

    Designed to fit under a regular bed sheet for the child and left open air for a pet. Sleep mats provide excellent grounding connection, even through a covering sheet. Your child or pet will thank you for giving them a place to ground.

    Materials and Design of the Grounding Bed Mat

    The conductive material is made of PU (Polyurethane) leather, infused with carbon*, on a polyester/cotton cloth base material. The PU Leather is vinyl free, phthalate free, and vegan-friendly. The carbon is what conducts the Earth’s energy.

    The mat is perforated to make it breathable, and is edged with polyester. The smooth leatherette side of the sleep mat is placed upwards.

    To maintain contact of grounding mat it is best to use cotton pajamas or natural fiber sheets between your body and the earthing grounding bed mats.

    Comfort and EMF Protection at it’s Finest~

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    Grounding Computer or Foot Mat for Better Health 26x10in


    Redemption Shield® Grounding Computer or Foot Mat for Better Health 26x10in

    Designed to fit under a computer or on the floor for your feet to rest on while sitting on a chair. Make grounding a part of your life as you fight positive ions overtaking our environments!  This is one unit.

    Comfort and EMF Protection at it’s Finest~

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    Redemption Shield® Wifi Copper Nickel Router Cover


    Protect your home’s WiFi router with the Redemption Shield® Shielding Universal Wifi Router Cover. Cut down on RF radiation without blocking the signal for effective EMF protection.

    Efficiently Reduce WiFi Radiation with Redemption Shield® Router Cover

    Great for cutting down on the power input in your home. Most WiFi routers on the market use the; 2.40 GHz, 5 GHz and (if it is a 5G router) 60 GHz frequencies.

    The power level used by a WiFi router may be less than that used by a microwave oven, but it is still microwave or RF Radiation.

    Now you can cut down on the power of your in-home wifi immediately, without blocking full signal.

    • Suitable for both Wifi routers with or without antenna and for most types of routers.
    • WiFi Routers are one of the most powerful Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation emitting devices we have in our home. Unlike a cellphone that only emits radiation at its most powerful amount when it is sending or receiving a call, a WiFi Router blasts at full power 24/7.
    • Copper Nickel Wire Mesh
    • 5G | Millimeter Wave | Microwave Radiation | EMF Protection | Faraday
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    Shielding 100% Silver Canopy Breathable Fabric | EMF Protection


    Redemption Shield®  Shielding 100% Silver Canopy Breathable Fabric for 5G and EMF Protection- Folded

    Great for clothing, faraday bed canopy, curtains, scarves, and EMF Protective projects. Breathable conductive material. 100% Silver Spun Nylon.

    Comfort and protection at it’s finest~

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    Shielding Military-Grade Faraday Fabric | 5G EMF Protection


    Redemption Shield® Shielding Military-Grade Faraday Fabric (Silver Colored Copper/Nickel).

    “Attenuation: High shielding efficiency: 82-92.5db (tested up to 10ghz)”

    • Can be used in high frequency electromagnetic shielding conductive cloth such as: industrial high frequency furnace, mobile communications, medical equipment and other industries of high frequency electromagnetic radiation protection
    • 5G | Millimeter Wave | Microwave Radiation | EMF Protection | Faraday
    • Military-Grade Protection
    • 30% copper+20% nickel+50% polyester

    Please note: Conductive fabrics are best grounded….please research how to ground your products. Redemption Shield sells grounding cords if needed.

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    Shielding Silver Slouch Beanie Hat | 5G & EMF Protection


    Redemption Shield® 5G EMF Protection Shielding Silver Slouch Beanie Hat. The perfect solution for those seeking protection from 5G microwave radiation. The silver cotton slouch beanie provides maximum comfort while offering superior EMF protection.

    This is an excellent choice for sleeping, driving, or home use. Offering peace of mind, knowing you get protection from harmful radiation. The EMF protection slouch beanie comes in one size and two colors to choose from.

    Comfort and protection at it’s finest~

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